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Witnessing in the Workplace

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As the majority of Americans reassemble in their respective offices after months of lax schedules, working from home, and creating spreadsheets in our pajamas, we’re now reentering our mission fields.  

It can be easy to check religion at the door, especially if you work for a strictly secular company or organization.  Many places of work don’t support or even allow overt religious practices (e.g. no prayer in school).  

So if you can’t hang a cross on your classroom wall or pray to open every meeting, how can you witness in the workplace? 

A clear way to demonstrate your faith is simply by working hard, being excellent, and having greater passion for your vocation, even if it’s not your dream job. 

The bible says in Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…”  From taking coffee orders to preparing reports to giving a presentation, commit to be excellent at your work.  “In all toil, there is profit...” Proverbs 14:23 

God has always had a purpose for work even in the garden… “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it,” Genesis 2:15. So if Adam and Eve had to work, we must as well.  

Your coworkers who may not know Christ often find the actions and demeanor of believers to be the curious, unique quality that piques their interest.  You can easily inspire others by dedicating yourself to a strong work ethic.   

It can be easy to think that the work you do may not further the kingdom unless you’re on the front lines at your church, building wells in Africa, or enhancing children’s lives in a third world country.  But it’s imperative to understand that right here in America, we have a great deficit of our own: the poverty of lost souls.  

And we work next to many of those people five days out of the week. 

As Christians, our great commission is people and extending grace and patience, congeniality, and joy in your workplace can be an open door to others to see the love of God.   

So as you rejoin your coworkers in your offices, consider the great influence you can have with the person sitting to your right or left, even your customers.  

And remember, sharing the gospel has never been easier.  Even as we reenter the workplace, so much of our lives still remain online, including our professional network. Now, with Rock Springs Church providing an online worship experience, you can invite your friends and colleagues with the click of a button.  

Since March, over 500 individuals have given their lives to Christ because of our online streaming services.  You never know who in your circle might catch a live stream, rewatch a past sermon, or even come to church because of your willingness to share the good news. 

You can watch and invite your friends, family, and coworkers every Sunday at 8, 9:30, and 11 AM on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or on the Rock Springs Church website.  


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