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Leading Your Family Through Times of Crisis

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1.) Pray for your family 

In your quiet time or even on a five minute drive to work, take the time to talk with God about your family.  Pray for their wellbeing, their prosperity, and their spiritual journeys.   

2.) Pray with your family 

Don’t let praying for them be enough, pray with your family.  This helps show your children how to pray and reiterates how important prayer is for spiritual growth.  This allows you, your spouse, and your children to grow in your faith together. 

3.) Lead by example 

This means that we simply check our emotions at the door and lead by doing what’s best for everyone, not just ourselves.  It’s our job to lead in spite of what is happening, not reacting to it. 

4.) Continue to focus on areas of growth 

When the world forces us to slow down, you can use that time to read the books that have been collecting dust, listen to inspiring podcasts, or spend time reconnecting with friends and family.  

5.) Grow in your relationship with Christ

If we are expected to lead our families and communities, how can we know where to lead them if we ourselves are lost.  Connecting with God’s voice helps to define our path and gives us wisdom in unsure times.  

6.) Have a thrive mindset 

While the rest of the world is simply in survival mode during times of crisis, we as believers can act and behave from a posture of abundance.  

7.) Schedule family time 

Even if your family is stuck in the house, it can still feel like everyone is scattered.  It’s important to set times when you will be together and be intentional on how you will spend this time.  

8.) Continue cultivating your relationship with your spouse 

When you’re cooped up with your spouse in small quarters, don’t look at it as a drag but as a time to get to know your wife again.  This time of being home-bound probably won’t come again so consider this a blessing and a unique opportunity.  

9.) Set the tone 

Modeling trust in spite of circumstances demonstrates that your spiritual life is not just a nice idea but the root of your courage.  This is a crucial time to show your wife and children the behavior of a Godly man.  

10.) Streamline your finances 

Part of leading your family is eliminating debt and being financially secure.  It’s a great time to look at areas where you can cut unnecessary spending.

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