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The Countdown to the End

Apr 03, 2022 | Benny Tate

The Tribulation Period

 1. MILITANT Conquest

2. MURDEROUS Conflicts

3. MEAGER Crops

4. MANIFOLD Carnage

5. MARTYRED Christians



1.   Share one thing that stood out to you in this week’s sermon and why.

2.   Revelation 6:4 says that peace will be taken from the earth. Discuss how you think social media - with the ability to post any content, go live from any location, and apply filters - will help the antichrist in his ability to persuade, deceive, and manipulate people during the tribulation period.

3.   What events in history can be compared to militant conquests, murderous conflicts, and meager crops that will plague the tribulation period?

4.   Why do you think Christians will be martyred during the tribulation? How do you think that will keep more people from coming to Christ during that time even though they know Heaven is to gain?

5.   As Christians, how can we better communicate details of the tribulation period to non-believers in a way that doesn’t seem like you are trying to scare them?

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