First timer?

    07.25.18 | Resources Students by Grace Anderson

    Here's how you can make your rising 6th grader's first night a good one.

    We know you may have several questions about our student ministry, and we would love to help! Here's some things you need to know for tonight:
    • We have activities beginning at 5pm and our student service begins at 7pm. Everything is located at the Branch.
    • Students will need to check in right inside the double doors with our check-in team. They can check themselves in, or you can come in with them!
    • We LOVE parents! Whether you're interested in volunteering with us, or you just want to hang out with your child tonight to see what all we do, we would love to have you.
    • Service ends around 8pm and students are invited to stay and hang out for a little while on the lawn if they would like! We do not have a formal check out system, so you will need to discuss with your child how you will pick them up. We have a car line, or you can meet them inside the Branch or on the lawn. 
    Questions? Find any adult wearing a Fuse lanyard or contact us!
    Zach Anderson at (770) 229-8663 or
    Grace Anderson at (770) 229-8663 or