Next Steps

What is Next Steps?

Here at Rock Springs, we want to make it easy for you to know what your next step is in your relationship with God. Next Steps is just our way of helping you find out how you can grow. Because each of us want to grow, next steps is for everyone! The best way for you to learn about where you are and how you can move forward is by taking part in our 5-week long, Next Steps class that meets at 10am on Sundays in the third floor of the kids building. Our next session begins July 8th and this is the perfect time for you to join in!

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Your first step in your relationship with God is knowing who He is through a personal relationship with Him and being baptized. Here you can begin a relationship with God, and follow his will for your life by being baptized. This step is ongoing, we are always striving to know God in a more personal way. Learn more about how you can truly know God. Our next baptism is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th.



Your second step in your relationship with God is coming together with the local church through membership. There's nothing quite like having a support system of like-minded people. Learn more about how you can come together with people who have the same values as you do by becoming a member and plugging into a life group.

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Your third step in your relationship with God is discovering who God has created you to be through finding your unique gifts and talents. In this step, you will take assessments to find out your personality profile and what your spiritual gifts are. Once you know your God-given attributes, you can know how to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

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Your fourth step in your relationship with God is feeling the level of satisfaction that only comes through using your gifts to serve others. God has given you specific gifts and abilities to reach other people for Christ, learn how you can feel the deep satisfaction of using your talents to make a difference by exploring the different areas that you can serve. 

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