Rock Springs Church Raises 120 Ft. Cross On Campus 

(Milner, GA) -- Rock Springs Church (RSC), and staff, are pleased to announce the installation of a 120 foot cross on Monday, June 22, in Milner, Georgia.  

Pastor Benny Tate shares, “I am so excited to see this vision become a reality! We could not be more proud to be able to bring this landmark to Middle Georgia to serve as a reminder for all God has done for us. We pray that our church, along with this cross serve as a beacon of encouragement and hope to our community as we continue to welcome all to come be a part of our church family.” 

The structure was designed by James Potter, who has planted over 30 crosses across the United States.  Construction was performed by Mike Rozier Construction (Hattiesburg, MS) and McLeRoy Construction (Zebulon, GA). 

Future plans for the cross include a heated baptismal pool and a prayer garden.  The cross will feature a plaque displaying Dr. Billy Graham’s quote, “Once you have been to the cross, you will never be the same.” as well as the stones from Jerusalem which comprise the Western Wall. 

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